Here at Storymakers, we are all flying a little high today. That’s because we finally get to announce the winner of our inaugural Amelia Poetry Award for Emerging Young Women Writers.

First, though, a few things we just have to say:

Thank you to all of you who entered. Your courage and chutzpah in entering and writing about topics that are important to you, writing at all, is beautiful. We felt so honoured to read your work. Please make this just the start of your writing and submissions.

This was a contest about a woman who defied expectations, who soared, literally, while so many doubted her and others would never have dared to dream her life. Amelia Earhart achieved so much, because she had to, without looking back.

Storymakers offers online creative writing workshops that aim to help young women uncover their voice and use it in beautiful, powerful ways, just like Amelia.

And so, we were thrilled to read so many submissions that captured her boundless spirt.

Finally, introducing our winner….Erin Moynihan!!!

Amelia poetry award for young women winner Erin Moynihan.jpg

Erin’s winning poem…

amelia poetry winner E moynihans paper thin.png

Comments from judges Kerry Gilbert & Natalie Appleton:

“This poem so powerfully captures the angst of coming of age as a young woman, and reverberates with imagery and emotion. The last line, ‘I want to be everywhere’ is so haunting and fitting for our times.

On receiving the news, Erin said she felt, “Pure excitement!”

“I definitely wasn’t expecting that, and I’ve been needing some good news! I’m honored and excited for this to open new doors for me.” 

As winner, Erin receives:

Congrats Erin!!

Erin says she has been writing poetry since she was seven years old.

“It began as an emotional outlet for me, and to this day that is the biggest benefit I’ve found from writing. I began sharing poetry publicly in 2017 and found new sources of fulfillment in creating meaningful connections with other writers and discovering new creative ways to transform my feelings of anger, frustration, and sadness into art.”

Erin Moynihan studied social work while in undergraduate college and is dedicated to utilizing her writing skills to uplift marginalized voices. She plans to go back to school for creative writing, unless something more exciting comes along. The majority of her writing has been for online media outlets, such as Her Campus, The Mighty, PERIOD, and Buzzfeed Community. She is also a finalist in the Pen 2 Paper 2018 Poetry Contest and is currently in the process of editing and finding a publisher for her novel, LAUREL, EVERYWHERE. Her writing focuses on the experiences of women, adolescence, and adversity. She currently resides in Seattle and loves to spend her time hiking, reading, and watching all the best Netflix originals.


Now, you ought to know hosting this contest was such a joy in so many ways we’re hosting a creative non-fiction contest for emerging young women writers in 2019!! Stay tuned!!

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Natalie Appleton