Tour Raise Your Voice, the Course that Lets You Study Creative Writing Online in a Whole New Way

When we thought about how we wanted to help young women study creative writing online in a whole new way, first, we chucked out the traditional device-driven outline: plot, theme, setting, etc. We threw out the typical read this, write that formula. And we got rid of almost any reading you might possibly find in class. And that was just the start. 

So, what did our online creative writing workshop become? Here's a quick tour of Raise Your Voice.

Raise Your Voice is a self-paced online creative writing workshop designed to show you the way to your writing talent and creativity. It's not just about developing your writing; it's about developing a writing practice that's joyful and plentiful. 

And we focus on helping you get unstuck in your writing and uncover your unique voice through a spine of twelve moving and relevant teenage/twenty- themes:

Lesson 1: Voice (free

Lesson 2: Angst 

Lesson 3: Story 

Lesson 4: Courage 

Lesson 5: Place 

Lesson 6: Change 

Lesson 7: Failure 

Lesson 8: Nature 

Lesson 9: Faith 

Lesson 10: Love 

Lesson 11: Creativity 

Lesson 12: Vulnerability

Story-Starting: a writing prompt to get you warmed up with the topic. You can write in any genre and take the idea in whatever direction pulls you. Try to free-write for at least 10 minutes, or go much, much longer.

Story-Kindling: These mini lessons help to ignite your writing. They are a mix of interesting talks by other writers as well as ways that we think about the most important elements and takeaways of writing.

Story-Studying: Each lesson has two sample readings (a mix of contemporary fiction, non-fiction, drama, poetry) that asks you to think about specific details in a section called “thinking on that”—questions that allow you to dig deeper into the readings. You also have an opportunity to do some of your own writing, inspired by the readings, with a section called “stretch it.” The Story-Studying section also has bonus interviews, media clips, and interesting tidbits about the writers we introduce.

Story-Making: takes the elements in the lesson that you have be introduced to and gives a writing exercise for you to expand and experiment with what you’ve learned.

Wrap-up: brings key elements together and leaves you with a takeaway piece of advice.

Throughout the lessons we sprinkle inspirational quotes, writing tips and challenges. These are 'insider's tips' we've discovered along the way that have helped us start and sustain our own writing practices. 

To extend how you study creative writing online and continue reaching higher even after you've been through the lessons, we bring you THE STORYMAKERS TRIBE via a private Facebook page for students and our weekly emails filled with inspiring tips, quotes, news giveaways and more. 

If you love to write AT ALL, you are going to love Raise Your Voice. But to help you make sure it's a fit for you, we give you a chance to download the first lesson FREE!!! Just visit to get the lesson!!  

Learn more about how you can study creative writing online in a whole new way on the Raise Your Voice page, and enrol today so you can get inspired and make your writing gutsy, gorgeous & urgent!!


Natalie Appleton